Graphic Design

Awfully Aud Designs

Logo - Awfully Aud Designs

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When creating the logo for Awfully Aud Designs, I had a few guidelines to follow. The owners wanted a "spirograph" feeling flower for their logo, so I came up with a five-petaled flower, which I gave a dashed stroke to to imitate stitching. The three partners who own the business all had different ideas for the color palette of the business, so it was a balancing act to finally come out with the yellow, turquoise, and blue. I chose the yellow for the flower initially because it was eye-catching and cheerful, while still being feminine and youthful. The deep blue for the text was a nice contrast, dark enough to easily be read without being a plain black. I chose a script font for the main part of the name and juxtaposed it with a "stitched", sans-serif font for the second part of the name, again to help drive home the sewing and embroidery aspect of their business.

Buzz’n Bagels

Buzz'n Bagels - Logo

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Logo design for a new, local Bagel shop. The owner really wanted to emphasize the "bee" part of the name, so I created a fun honeycomb backdrop which is then echoed throughout the branding.

Metric Brewing

Logo - Metric Brewing

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When interviewing the owner of Metric Brewing, he kept coming back to an industrial aesthetic that he was trying to capture in his new brewery. So I came up with a hops inside of a gear, to encompass that industrial, hard work feeling he was aiming for, while still showing that this is the logo for a brewery, and not an auto parts store. For colors, I came up with a burnt orange and grey scheme. The orange evokes a sort of "construction" feel, without being "hazard vest" orange.

Surface Design

A Pattern

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This pattern is from a collection of pattern designs based off of various letters of the alphabet.

Web Design

Awfully Aud Designs

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This is the final website design for Awfully Aud Designs. They needed a website that could serve as a place for customers to request custom quotes, as well as host an ecommerce site. Visit this website here.

Print Design

Letterhead - In The Dark

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The letterhead for In The Dark mimics the rest of their corporate identity. I used the flashlight graphic to illuminate the top of the letterhead where their address and other contact info can be found, and then framed the letter space with the figure hanging from a climbing rope and two other fluid "ropes" along the bottom. Finally, I ghosted in the logo as a watermark.

Sewing and Vacuum Newsletter mock-up

A 20-page newsletter design for a local sewing and vacuum store, geared towards holiday sales. The owner expressed that he wanted to see a completely new version of their monthly newsletter, and I delivered just that. For the cover, I simplified what they currently have, making it more like a magazine cover, and removed the table of contents that they currently insert on the front page.