Graphic Design

Awfully Aud Designs

Poster - Awfully Aud Designs

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This is a poster mockup for Awfully Aud Designs. The idea was to use the strips of color to mimic the look of a homemade bulletin board with ribbons wrapped around it for holding photos. I thought this would contribute to the DIY feel of the business, while still looking sleek and fun.

Buzz’n Bagels

Buzz'n Bagels - Logo

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Logo design for a new, local Bagel shop. The owner really wanted to emphasize the "bee" part of the name, so I created a fun honeycomb backdrop which is then echoed throughout the branding.

Metric Brewing

Logo - Metric Brewing

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When interviewing the owner of Metric Brewing, he kept coming back to an industrial aesthetic that he was trying to capture in his new brewery. So I came up with a hops inside of a gear, to encompass that industrial, hard work feeling he was aiming for, while still showing that this is the logo for a brewery, and not an auto parts store. For colors, I came up with a burnt orange and grey scheme. The orange evokes a sort of "construction" feel, without being "hazard vest" orange.

Surface Design

A Pattern

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This pattern is from a collection of pattern designs based off of various letters of the alphabet.

Web Design

Awfully Aud Designs

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This is the final website design for Awfully Aud Designs. They needed a website that could serve as a place for customers to request custom quotes, as well as host an ecommerce site. Visit this website here.

Print Design

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Ball Postcard Front

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The Save the Date postcard is the first thing patrons see about the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Ball, so I wanted it to be eye-catching, but straight forward. The theme that I came up with for the Zoo Ball was simple black, white, and a neon green. So naturally, I went with zebra stripes on everything, given the zoo aspect. Thus, the save-the-date is a close up of a zebra's face, with eye-catching pantone stripes across it, and straightforward text.

Sewing and Vacuum Newsletter mock-up

A 20-page newsletter design for a local sewing and vacuum store, geared towards holiday sales. The owner expressed that he wanted to see a completely new version of their monthly newsletter, and I delivered just that. For the cover, I simplified what they currently have, making it more like a magazine cover, and removed the table of contents that they currently insert on the front page.